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Quality of Life

Toyota Global Vision 2020

A global framework, systems, and working environment will be implemented to provide all Toyota team members – in accordance with individual ability – with opportunities for growth, self-actualization and fulfillment.”

Bodine Diversity & Inclusion Commitment/Goal:

Recognize diversity & inclusion as a critical component to BAI’s success, aligned with corporate goals and value for enhanced business results. Increase team member diversity & inclusion awareness to allow them to evaluate their own actions and contribute to a positive work environment embracing diversity & inclusion.

Bodine Diversity & Inclusion Vision:

A workplace that allows all people to participate, grow, and share equal access and opportunity in the company’s prosperity regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or cultural background. To create a place where people take pride in work, and are able to follow their own values, reach their full potential and develop individual skills to obtain personal goals.
Internally Bodine strives to increase awareness for Diversity & Inclusion among all TMs. Many activities have been implemented to help advance diversity at Bodine including training and Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Month.
Bodine also looks at diversity & inclusion outside of the company. We help numerous diverse organizations in many ways such as philanthropic giving and volunteer activities to give positive impact to our community.

Toyota Diversity Wheel

The Diversity Wheel is an excellent visual definition of Diversity. Race and gender are often the immediate things we think of when we think of diversity, however, when you look at this wheel, you can see how broad it really is. Diversity is for all of us - all of us have characteristics that place us in the dominant and the non-dominant culture."

Key Point:

When I am a part of the dominant culture, there is privilege and benefit. Some I have earned, much I have not. It just comes with the territory. When I am part of the non-dominant culture, there is opportunity to be impacted negatively or even discriminated against. Bodine's Main Page Troy, MO St. Louis, MO Jackson, TN