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Welcome to Bodine Aluminum

Time-Honored Tradition

Bodine Pattern Company was founded in 1912 by Jesse R. Bodine to manufacture patterns for Dorris and Moon motor cars. The new company grew, flourished and expanded over the succeeding years. It earned respect and recognition for its outstanding production of high-quality patterns and metal castings.

World War II ushered in the Age of Aluminum and Bodine Foundry was first in the St. Louis area to heat treat aluminum castings for military and aircraft production. This unique heat-treating process was converted to commercial applications at the end of the war.

Today, Bodine Aluminum is one of the largest producers of aluminum castings in the country. It continues to concentrate on skill, care, and concern- three important qualities that have distinguished the company since its founding.

A new chapter in the history of Bodine Aluminum developed with the acquisition of the company in January 1990 by Toyota. This brought about the construction of 14,000-sq. ft. plant in Troy in order to supply automotive parts for Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky. Since that time Bodine has continued to grow and expand our Troy plant. We have gone through additional expansions and now the Troy plant is approximately 500,000 sq. ft. Our plant now supplies four cylinder, six cylinder and eight cylinder aluminum castings to support all Toyota assembly operations in North America. In 2012, it was announced that Bodine Aluminum would also expand to add capacity of transmission cases and housing parts.
Due to the continued growth of Toyota, the need for Bodine to expand arose. This brought about the construction of Bodine’s newest plant in Jackson, Tennessee. In 2005, the Jackson plant began producing aluminum castings and supplying them to the Toyota facilities in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Alabama. Bodine's Main Page Troy, MO St. Louis, MO Jackson, TN